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Barnsley Council believes Barnsley a Town of Sanctuary

The following Motion was approved at  the Barnsley Council meeting on 31st March 2022 supported by all the political parties :

“The War in Ukraine

Proposer – Councillor Greenhough
Seconder – Councillor Wray

That this Council:
Notes with shock and horror the deeply upsetting and concerning situation withinUkraine, and believes that Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine is an unprovoked, unjustifiable outrage and a heinous violation of international law that is having tragic consequences on the people and nation of Ukraine;
Takes a stand in complete solidarity with the Ukrainian people as they bravely resist this invasion;
Notes the horrific ordeal facing many as they flee to safety and who now face an uncertain future that they could never have imagined;
Notes that for many years Barnsley has been twinned with the City of Horlivka in Ukraine and we have a well-established Ukrainian community in our region, and believes we must stand with them and against the bullying tactics of Putin’s Russian State and the military aggression that Ukraine is facing;
Notes that this is not a war waged by Russian citizens but by its President and hishigh-ranking military officials, and notes that many Russians have made Yorkshire their home;
Notes that there are many in Russia who are standing up for what is right and making their voices heard against their own Government, and these people must be commended, and notes that due to brutal police crackdowns on freedom of speech it is dangerous to voice anti-Putin sentiments with tens of thousands having been arrested so far;

Believes that Barnsley is a town of sanctuary, and we should be proud of that fact. We can and should provide a safe place to people in their time of need and that, though ultimately immigration and asylum matters are for the national government, we will always willingly and openly take our fair share of people in need.”