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Multi-Agency Drop In

Multi-Agency Drop In  at Hope House on Wednesday afternoons (12.30pm-2.30pm) for Barnsley’s Migrant Communities organised by Migration Partnership Barnsley.

We were delighted to welcome this week our newest member of the multi-agency family-  The COMMUNITY FIRST BANK.  It’s wonderful that information about the drop-in is reaching into the communities, thanks you all and of course our amazing Community Champions.  The Community Bank from next week, will be present at the drop-in to assist individuals especially asylum seekers and refugees open new bank accounts.  This is a vital step in the process of integration as they can begin to have a footprint in the system and also build credit history. Also, this would ensure that migrants are not vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous individuals who may opt for cash-in-hand transactions.   The Community Bank operates a community ethos therefore flexible with procedures that mitigate against exclusion.   This is an important service and strengthens the Migration Partnership’s aim of equitable access to vital services.

Our themes for February is HEALTH & WELLBEING and EMPLOYMENT

So,  the 7th and 14th drop-ins will be dedicated to health and wellbeing.  Relevant services should be more visible at the drop-in on these dates and if you would like to run an activity, please liaise with me directly.

The drop-ins on the 21st and 28th will be dedicated to EMPLOYMENT Support related services. On these dates, more visibility of employment services would be expected and if these services would like to run any specific activities, please liaise with me.

MARCH will be dedicated to HOUSING (6th and 13th) and Money Management (20th) and Celebrating Community Togetherness-  (27th)

For more information please contact us on [email protected]

The Migration Partnership (a collaboration of Migrant Action, Feels Like Home, The Polish Library and ELSH) offers a migrant-led infrastructure for the sustainable engagement and meaningful participation of migrant communities in mainstream activity.    The new Multi-agency Hub drop-in (weekly) at Hope House Church will allow a practical and safe space for collaborative service delivery and better access of holistic service provision in Barnsley. It will also act as a local Connection hub for strengthening relationships across services, migrant communities and local authority through conversations and better understanding of the realities of migrant and local communities.  Overall, the multi-agency hub acts as a catalyst for change by improving access to services, ensure effective integration and stronger communities and transforming lives.  More details here.