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Multi-Agency Drop In

Multi-Agency Drop In  at Hope House on Wednesday afternoons (12.30pm-2.30pm) for Barnsley’s Migrant Communities organised by Migration Partnership Barnsley.

Wednesday 22nd May 2024: We have the second of our Work events, focusing on Enterprise. The event is for members of the migrant community who would like to set up their own business or charity. The word ‘business’ is used loosely and could just as well include freelance interpreters, hairdressers working from home, or artists selling their work online.

There will be talks from Enterprising Barnsley, SYMCA, Councillor Steve Hunt, and a member of the migrant community who is hoping to set up her own business. There will be the opportunity for individuals to have 1:1 conversations with support organisations, and time for networking. We will also be showcasing local migrant-run businesses.

There will be a buffet lunch too.

The Migration Partnership (a collaboration of Migrant Action, Feels Like Home, The Polish Library and ELSH) offers a migrant-led infrastructure for the sustainable engagement and meaningful participation of migrant communities in mainstream activity.    The new Multi-agency Hub drop-in (weekly) at Hope House Church will allow a practical and safe space for collaborative service delivery and better access of holistic service provision in Barnsley. It will also act as a local Connection hub for strengthening relationships across services, migrant communities and local authority through conversations and better understanding of the realities of migrant and local communities.  Overall, the multi-agency hub acts as a catalyst for change by improving access to services, ensure effective integration and stronger communities and transforming lives.  More details here.