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Penistone Asylum Seeker and Refugee Group

The established Penistone Refugee Support Group next meets at 2pm on Tuesday 6th June  2023  at St Johns Church, Penistone. 

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Minutes 02.05.23(pdf)

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Minutes 04.04.23(pdf)

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Minutes 07.03.23 (pdf)

Everyone welcome.

At their February 2023 meeting Penistone Town Council approved a motion which :

(i) recognises and celebrates the contribution those seeking safety make to the UK.
(ii) continues to support the work of local groups such as the Penistone Refugee and Asylum Seekers Group raising awareness of the challenges facing people seeking safety in our community.

Penistone Town Council Approved Motion (pdf)